The Long Goodbye

In Uncategorized on March 28, 2013 at 5:02 pm

Posted by Andy Bell

So it’s come this.

Planning aforethought done, emotions surveyed and CDs carefully arranged then put back on the shelf.

Five years of Saturday night radio has kept me off the streets and, hopefully, kept a few folk entertained.

The idea of TFC was neither revolutionary nor new.

It was to play a diversity of music, respect those tunes and learn a bit about them.

Sounds a bit like a few mission statements you hear about the place.

The thing was, TFC kept true to its mission in trying not to make too much of a statement.

Simple idea, more difficult than you’d think in the execution.

One of the most common responses to the show has been that it is “different”.

Perhaps it is, but really all it has done is play all kinds of stuff and trust its audience.

Play & trust.

That people thought that was “different” is, at one and the same time, rewarding and disappointing.

If people are afraid of Eartha Kitt, Stompin’ Tom Connors and kd lang juxtaposed then, frankly, humankind has no hope.

My dream was to introduce teenagers to Doris Day and Cab Calloway and show sexagenarians that the Ting Tings or Presets didn’t mean the end of civilisation.

There is evidence to suggest this has been done and there was more joy than pain.


The mantle of serving up musical liquorice allsorts now passes to whoever picks it up.

Be a little brave, a lot silly and don’t be afraid of sharing.

When things end you feel duty bound to say nice things.

And to those who have I say thank you, but bloody well listen to the last one !!!!

The plan is that TFC ends doing what it has always tried to do: entertain and slyly inform.

Over the years some found that much far too tough to handle and demanded in no uncertain terms yet another track by the same-same (deliberate irony) artists that they can hear anywhere else at any other time.

Yes, now it can be revealed that not all the emails or sms messages were nice ! Yes friends, some in our “community” ain’t that keen on diversity.  In fact, I plan on writing parody lyrics for a Kermit song and calling the effort the “Rainbow Homogenisation”.

But most of the responses were pure gold.

Not for nothing do I celebrate the listener.

We are in this together chaps – yelling or cajoling only tends to make people rush past.

TFC has always been in favour of hanging around and finding out.

And it departs the ether still loitering with musical intent.


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