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Posted by Andy Bell

So how do you feel ?

I am fine, thank you very much & thank you for asking.

Ending TFC tonight (written 1707 AEDST 30/3/13) is a milestone, but it won’t be a millstone.

It is a privilege to know that something is ending.  Most things in life end in a casual, unplanned or unloved manner.

It would be something of an understatement to say that when the show started it was offered me the chance to use my radio smarts and musical haphazardness to help me get through a difficult time in my life.

The listeners didn’t need to know that, but I fancy some might have detected that this little show was important in a personal way.

Well, personal circumstances have changed for the better, but the personal investment in trying to make radio that pokes, provokes and sets you pondering continued to the end.

My CD collection can now rest in peace as it will no longer go through a weekly ransacking.  My process of track selection never really had a system, but it worked more often than not.

I keep saying thank you to Tim Harrison and Hikaru Freeman because these two fine men deserve my thanks and have earned them.

They share the attribute of successfully negotiating being part of one person’s particular creation without ripples, waves and moody silences from the grizzled pro AKA yours truly.

Not an easy task, but with nous, humour and a willingness to put me right when it was really needed, they made TFC all the better.

I love you both to bits.

And I have loved doing the program to bits as well.

No other way of doing it really.


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