Lose something, gain much more

In Uncategorized on April 13, 2013 at 3:03 pm

Posted by Andy Bell

Who would have though chalk could be so powerful.

The response to the disappearance of the Taylor Square rainbow pedestrian crossing in Sydney has been swift and heart warming.

Now you see it.


Now you don’t.


This Mardi Gras statement, like a few others, was a temporary boost to gay and lesbian pride which then became an argument.

En passant, the legacy of the rainbow crossing doesn’t seem to have been considered by anyone.

Anyhow, leaving the wrangling as to the painted crossing’s safety credentials to one side, let us instead praise what has followed its demise at the hands of the NSW Government.

Instead of bitterness and online spitting, there has been an outbreak of political activism of the healthiest sort.

The former Czechoslovakia had a velvet revolution, are we seeing a chalk revolution in Australia ?



All over Sydney, and in a few other places, chalk rainbows are appearing across sidestreets and footpaths, including one in the lane behind the Alexandria flat where I once dwelled.


Political action takes many forms, but it has to be “action”.

Clicking a” like” button somewhere or other is not exactly mounting a barricade.

But by burning a few more calories you can help change the world just a little bit … and have fun.

Join a remarkable movement, spruiked by social media but underpinned by a bit of elbow grease.

Pop down to the $2 shop and buy some chalk then have a rainbow dusted working bee.

Wit trumps rancour, action speaks volumes.

All hail the stuff of quiet, but effective political campaigning.

Any takers for a Brunswick West working bee ?

Contact @obelloz on Twitter.



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