Back to basics

In Uncategorized on May 19, 2013 at 2:56 pm

This time last year I was up to my upper nipple levels in the Eurovision Song Contest.

All the songs had been dissected, indeed many were known backwards … a great advantage in the case of the Hungarian entry.

The entrants were researched and delved into, indeed some of them should have been sectioned as well.

There was barely any part of the Baku 2012 event that wasn’t on my radar.

You can’t do hours of radio without that kind of preparation, but it did – spoiler alert – more than somewhat diminish the contest as something to be enjoyed pure and simple when it finally happened.

Well, this year is different.

Completely different.

I haven’t heard a note and have nary a notion about the build-up.

This is no embrace of a time long ago in a land far away.

By this time in 1971 I would have had a better idea of what to expect, which singer I fancied a bit and already drawn up the scoresheets for the big night at 4 Broadmead Close.

So this is the set up for some live blogging from 1930.

Blog code alerts:

SBSCCA – SBS Cultural Cringe Alert e.g., either of the presenters ask barely English-speaking contestant “And what do you want to say to your fans in Australia ?’

BBTW(OIGN)A = Bring Back Terry Wogan (Or Insert Graham Norton) Alert – nuf said.

STFUA – basically, without going into acronymic (?) detail, a plea for the alleged SBS commentators to stop telling up how camp the whole event is.

I shall return with no clue whatsoever as to the songs or the outcome.

Pure and very simple.


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